UK production company making animated feature of Nothing to Envy.

Nothing to Envy was a terrific book – maybe the best book about North Korea I’ve read – but … animated?  Well, yes.  

From the production company:


Directed by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Andy Glynne, Nothing to Envy is a new animated feature length film about life inside one of the most impenetrable and brutal regimes in the world – North Korea. Told through the true stories of defectors, this film will combine testimony with rich and vivid animation to provide an unprecedented insight into the lives of ordinary North Koreans.


On October 7th Mosaic Films launched an eight-week online crowdfunding campaign to raise initial production funds for the film, and will work to engage a global audience in the issues affecting people in North Korea today. Contributors to the crowdfunding campaign will be acknowledged on the film’s online supporters wall ( and will have an option to select from a number of supporter ‘perks’ including exclusive behind the scenes access, a digital film download, or even a ticket to a red carpet screening. See more about our online campaign:


Nothing to Envy is based on the award-winning book of the same title written by LA Times journalist Barbara Demick ( In this book Demick provides an unparalleled insight into life of ordinary North Koreans and the hardships they face. It is a comprehensive account, revealing profound narratives of romantic relationships, interpersonal conflicts and stories of triumph and despair – all set against the backdrop of a brutal regime.


Mosaic Films director Andy Glynne ( has won numerous awards for his work in this genre (winning a BAFTA in 2010), and has directed and produced numerous animated documentaries, including the award-winning series Animated Minds, and the more recent Seeking Refuge for BBC. His experience in this genre, and his skill in storytelling, sets the stage for a unique and impressive film.


Nothing To Envy is supported by a number of international organizations including: Amnesty InternationalHRNK: The Committee for Human Rights in North KoreaChristian Solidarity WorldwideLiNK: The North Korea Human Rights CrisisNKnet: Network for North Korea Democracy and Human Rights and Daily NK.


During our initial launch we are seeking to create a buzz around the project and create as much hype as possible. This is where you and your university Amnesty International society becomes a vital part of this process. We are asking you to spread awareness of our project – tell your lecturers and fellow students, promote our twitter/blog/crowdfunding website, absolutely anything that may be able to help this cause.


Press Pack – Download Here:

Campaign Launch Video and Nothing to Envy Website:

Crowdfunding Campaign:

Follow the film on Facebook:

Follow the film on Twitter: (handle: @nothingtoenvy)

You can see sometimes-grouchy OFK reader Aidan Foster-Carter and Amnesty’s Rajiv Narayan at this launch event. Narayan is a regular presence at North Korea events, and notwithstanding all the mean things I say about the Human Rights Industry, it’s good to see his organization take an interest in this issue. Anyway, it looks interesting. Demick is one of the best reporters who has ever covered North Korea, so I don’t doubt that the film’s criticisms will be well documented, factual, and objective — and therefore powerful.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Joshua – I was not aware of this project.

    I am swallowing this news with mixed emotions. “Nothing to Envy” is in fact a fantastic collection of endearing, heartwarming, gut-wrenching stories that is worthy of a high caliber visual adaptation. One can only hope the makers of this video are up for the task. I am hopeful for a home run and worried of a whiff.

    And there is something alarming, even shameful, in the idea that the makers of such a film need to beg in any way for funding.