Open Sources, Nov. 19, 2012

SCOOPING THE AP YET AGAIN, The Onion names Kim Jong Un 2012’s Sexiest Man Alive.


CHRIS GREEN OF THE DAILY NK writes that the North Korean regime seems concerned about the loyalty of its soldiers.


WHY SOUTH KOREA’S SWITCH TO DIGITAL TV is bad news for North Koreans.


I FAULT MYSELF for having been too alarmist in predicting a North Korean famine in 2006, but when Andrew Natsios sounds the alarm, we should take his warning seriously.


I DON’T DISAGREE WITH most of the reasons why Gabriel Mizrahi says a popular revolution can’t come to North Korea at the moment, and have said some of these things myself.  On the other hand, I believe some of the conditions Mizrahi talks about are subject to change by a determined and creative external power.


YOU MIGHT AS WELL READ THE NORTH KOREAN CONSTITUTION as read a candidate’s scripted position paper, but if you’re interested and have a WSJ subscription, here’s what Park Geun-Hye says her North Korea policy will be.  Park has consistently promised Sunshine Lite for nearly a decade now, in recognition of the tendency of her countrymen to prioritize race over morality and reward North Korean attacks with votes for far-left candidates (see this must-read interview with Brian Myers for more on that).  If Park is elected, however, all of that carefully edited prose will be exploded by some North Korean projectile within her first year in office.


  1. here’s another article by mr. natsios. it’s stuff that us NK watchers already know and read (harden’s book)…..but what’s more interesting to me is the photo.

    is it real? if so, how did this AP photographer get close enough (even with extreme close up lens) to take such a picture?

    i think this picture says a gazillion words and has more impact about the situation than anything i’ve seen re: china’s repatriation policy.

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