Kim Jong Un personality cult now visible to space aliens.

I was snooping around the Hyesan area this weekend, taking in some very recent (October 2012) imagery, when I spotted a propaganda sign — clearly not one of those I’d posted about before. It was next to this reservoir:

Dam @ 11K', Oct. 2012

Look what happens when you switch to the next-most recent image, from October 2005:

Dam @ 11K', Oct. 2005

So all of this is new construction.

Kim Jong Un sign Oct. 2012, 5800'

It says, “Long live Songun Korea’s General Kim Jong Un!,” or somesuch nonsense. But at least they got the damn dam done (I’ve always wanted to say that). In case you’re wondering, this does not appear to be the same dam that cracked as soon as they filled it in, reportedly causing Kim Jong Il’s final vapor lock.

North Korea may be the only country on earth that can be psychoanalyzed from outer space. Imagine what the aliens must think of us. Most likely, they think we’re a backward and obedient species — perfect for enslaving and putting to work in their underground sugar caves.