Rumor Control: Nuke Test Imminent

Thanks to those of you who emailed the tips.  I’m hearing either this weekend or Monday.  I guess we’ll know soon enough if that’s disinformation.


  1. joseph says:

    looking forward to joel wit’s always reliable commentary on this:

  2. Joshua says:

    That clip is priceless.

  3. Spelunker says:

    Groundhog Day for an underground nuclear test? Super Bowl Sunday? No, I’m sure Kim Jong-un is choosing this auspicious timing for … JOHN KERRY’s first week in office as secretary of state!

    Cue Colbert : “NOOOOOOOO!”

  4. kushibo says:

    I encourage North Korea to keep testing their nukes. Test them all!

  5. Glans says:

    Kim Sook, ROK ambassador and this month’s UNSC president, says the council is unified, firm, and resolute. If the Norks test a nuke, there will be consequences. Here’s the Reuters story, with reporting by Louis Charbonneau and editing by Sandra Maler.

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