Proliferation WMD

Guess who just tested a nuke. Now I’m going to sleep.

Here’s the USGS report, coming in at 4.9,  and here’s the first report saying it looks like a nuke test.  In case you’re keeping track, North Korea’s 2009 test measured 4.7 on the Richter scale after a yield estimated between 2 and 8 kilotons. Its 2006 test registered 4.2, at a yield of just under a kiloton.  Remember — this is a logarithmic scale, which means that a 5 is ten times larger than a 4.

Anyway, a nuclear test site isn’t the only thing newsworthy in that vicinity.  If you wonder if the North Koreans are evil enough to actually use one of their new toys, well, have a look around the neighborhood.


  1. Based on observed facts, official American foreign policy at best does not care about North Korean nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and at worst, WANTS North Korea to have them. In the last paragraph here

    Mr. Stanton explains how U.S. Treasury sanctions almost knocked over the Kim dynasty. Sanctions – really only a few keystrokes in a piece of software. Not bombs / bullets / rockets / etc. Some keystrokes. Right at the moment of success, some dipshit – apparently a Chris Hill – rolled back everything and everything has stayed rolled back, thereby preserving the Kim(s). The only way to explain it is that someone(s) in the U.S. federal executive branch WANT(S) North Korea to survive, to thrive, as currently structured. Personally, I would restore the sanctions, but I can’t. I have no power. Instead, I bought an S&P 500 SHORT fund, to bet on a market collapse. I know everyone reading that one will laugh at me right now. You’ll all stop laughing at me when the owner(s) of one or more of those Nork nukes use them in a production situation. Don’t worry, though. I won’t laugh at YOU.



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