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The Road Not Traveled: 40.013N, 126.154E

North Korean public works priorities are a thing to behold. Not far south of Huichon, in central North Korea, I followed a modern-looking superhighway northward to this dramatic terminus at a Bridge to Nowhere. Older (and newer) images on Google Earth show this project has been stalled for a decade.

The Road Not Traveled - 40.013N, 126.154E

You can scan north from here and see miles of disused roadbed overgrown with farm plots, punctuated by the pilings of the unbuilt bridges.

Now have a look at this new highway that appeared out of nowhere, headed south along the east near Hamhung. This is what it looked like three months ago:

New Hwy Constr. Nov. 2012

This is what it looked like two years ago:

New Hwy Mar. 2011

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