Charm Offensive Update: N. Korea calls S. Korea’s female president a “political prostitute.”


Yonhap has taken note of North Korea’s rather nasty reaction to Park Geun Hye’s visit to Europe, attacking her for such things as … traveling abroad, and … speaking foreign languages. Spin that one, Perestroika watchers!:

Park Geun Hye again let loose a whole string of rubbish malignantly slandering the DPRK, urging it to “dismantle its nukes” and settle “human rights issues” during her recent trips to various countries of Europe.

It is a fact well known to all that Park liked to spend time making foreign trips rather than staying in south Korea and each time she was busy letting loose a torrent of vituperations against the DPRK. [….]

What she uttered during her recent European trips clearly proved that “summit talks” and the like touted by her were nothing but sheer hypocrisy and her ulterior motive is to stand in confrontation with the DPRK to the end.

An adage says once you get a bad habit, it will stay with you. Park likes to speak ill of compatriots in foreign countries, forgetful of “presidency.” She looks like a meddlesome countrywoman fond of backbiting others, lost to shame.

Moreover, she changed her dress several times a day and made flattery towards others, uttering some words in their languages like a parrot. She was so disgraceful to behave so. [KCNA, 12 Nov 2013]

I actually saw Ms. Park speaking English at the Capitol last spring, and it was very well received. Her English wasn’t quite as good as it was in the 1970s, when she visited Hawaii as a rather fetching young lady, but the crowd liked it. Which does matter, given the crowd.

New readers may not have heard of KCNA, the Pyongyang-based Korean Central “News” Agency, which is also the business partner of the Associated Press. During the presidency of Park’s predecessor, Lee Myung Bak, KNCA regularly featured banners calling for Lee’s throat to be slit, or threatening to shell the offices of South Korean newspapers that printed stories critical of the north Korean regime (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself; I’ll stop doing that now).

It seems that Pyongyang’s rhetoric is headed for a similar path with Ms. Park. Because KCNA never fails to entertain, I decided to browse some of the other stories and found this:

It is Park Geun Hye’s logic of existence that she has to play the coquette with the U.S. and flatter it if she is not to follow in the footsteps of her father.

It is exactly for this disposition of Park that GI criminals go on the rampage in south Korea with impunity and the upkeep for the U.S. forces in south Korea snowballs every year.

It is quite natural that the Park group is derided as a group of political prostitutes and traitors by the public. The world people are also snubbing the political waiting maids of south Korea.  [KCNA, 12 Nov 2013]

Oh, no they didn’t.

The humiliating diplomacy towards foreign forces is a “state policy” of the Park group. It is a product of the master-servant political relations.

With no rhetoric can the Park group justify its cursed behaviors as it is prolonging its remaining days as political prostitutes while still leaving everything to the tender mercy of its master.

Looking back on history, all puppet forces met miserable ends for being totally submissive to the U.S.

Park and her group had better bear this deep in mind.  [KCNA, 30 Oct 2013]

Oh yes they did.

So does this mean the charm offensive is over? Relax, boys. No matter what the temperature of their rhetoric, the centrifuges always spin at pretty much the same speed. Hey, if you lift the sanctions, you might even negotiate a lower R.P.M. People have been awarded Nobel Peace Prizes for less.


  1. I sense not only the typical North Korean xenophobia in the KCNA articles about President Park but sexism as well. I figure the Kim regime is just upset that the Park government is not paying the North Koreans more than what they are paying USFK for upkeep of the alliance. The reverse used to be true during the Roh Moo-hyun years where more money was going to Kim Jong-il’s coffers than what was being used for US-ROK cost sharing.