Interviews Propaganda Subversion

Propaganda in the age of Kim Jong-Un: A discussion with Professor B.R. Myers

What follows is an email discussion between myself and Professor B.R. Myers of Dongsoo University, author of “The Cleanest Race” and “North Korea’s Juche Myth,” and keeper of the Sthele Press blog. At the end of the discussion, I thought readers might enjoy reading it, and Professor Myers graciously agreed to let me print it …

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OFK on the CBC

For those who may be interested, I was interviewed by the CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi this morning about media coverage of North Korea, and about the difficulty of separating truth from falsehood and parody. You can listen to the full interview here. I apologize for calling Ms. Hyon Song Wol, who is allegedly alive, “Ms. Han.” I …

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Famine & Food Aid Interviews

Interview: Marcus Prior of the World Food Program, on Food Aid to North Korea

This week, the Christian Science Monitor’s veteran Korea correspondent, Don Kirk, reported that U.S. and South Korean officials disagree with the World Food Program’s assessment that North Korea is on the verge of a food crisis: “There’s a need, but we don’t know how great it is,” says a knowledgeable western observer. “My hunch is …

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Africa Interviews Refugees WTF?

Global Outrage as African Animals Are Treated Like North Korean Human Beings

It’s not just elephants that Zimbabwe is capturing and shipping to North Korea: Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe has ordered that two of every animal species in the Hwange National Park be sent to North Korea as a gift to that country’s leader, Kim Jong Il. [Johannesburg Times] Conservationists say the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, …

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