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N. Korea: Obama Just Like Bush!

Someone still isn’t feeling the hope and change: North Korea blasted U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday as no different from his predecessor in trying to “stifle” countries that are uncooperative with the U.S., referring to Washington’s move to punish Pyongyang’s rocket launch.  [….] “With nothing can the U.S. justify such illegal provocation as forcing …

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Banzai for Nuclear Japan!

Japan should consider possessing nuclear weapons as a deterrent to a neighboring threat, former Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa suggested Sunday. In a speech in Obihiro, Hokkaido, in reference to North Korea’s rocket launch earlier this month that many believe was a ballistic missile test, the hawkish lawmaker said: “It is common sense worldwide that in …

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Oops, We Changed the Wrong Regime

People can differ about the merits of  overthrowing noxious regimes  and the  various ways  that can be pursued, but I’m guessing this is one item  Condoleezza Rice wasn’t  pursuing for her legacy showcase:  Rice’s  sudden  turnabout on  de-listing North  Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism may soon plunge  the Japanese government into crisis.  Japan …

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