North Korea’s Secrets, Revealed by Google Earth

The Camps New Discovery:  Camp 12 Camp 16: Mass Escape Camp 22: Holocaust Now
The North Korean Air Force Pyongyang Airport Wonsan Ghost Cities
Kim Jong Il’s Largest Palace North Korea’s Nuclear Sites Camps 14 & 18 More of Kim Jong Il’s Palaces


  1. Actually, North Korea is a slum. You can place the blame on their pathetic “leader”, Kim Jong Il.
    He blames South Korea and the USA for North Korea ranking as one of the poorest countries to ever exist. What an unintelligent, confused, ugly, little man.

    Kim Jong Il spends more money on his liquor consumption in week than what an average, “high class” North Korean makes in a year. (about $1000) Fantastic, and his people are dying of starvation and lack of medical attention. What a great leader.

    He claims to be a trend setter in fashion. What a joke. What kind of an ass clown would want to dress like that? Not even the homeless in the USA have such horrible taste as that fool. His teeth are disgusting and he looks like a creepy child molester.

    Kim Jong Il is a disgrace to the Korean race. Holding people back all these years? He deserves to be in U.S. custody and tortured to death. I would risk my life to take Kim Jong Il’s.

    Right now there are North Koreans who are sick of the conditions they live in, who want to take out Kim Jong Il. All it takes is one brave N.Korean. Take out Kim Jong when he least expects it. I would be paranoid if I were Kim Jong Il.


  2. my God, i believed you were going to chip in with some decisive insight at the end there, not leave it with we leave it to you to decide.


  3. Anyone know what’s going on here?

    38.041875,125.708204 (use on google maps)

    Looks like a giant rally. A bunch of people outside a big government building.

    Sorry, I’m not really an expert, I was just looking at N Korea satellite images and found this. Wasn’t really sure where to post. I don’t even know what city that is.


  4. The point in question is the Kim Il Sung statue in Haeju. The shot happens to have been taken on Kim Il Sung’s birthday in 2009, explaining the rally.



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